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Le Larry goat cheese is a local product

Geitenkaas natuurLocal products are fresh or processed products made with typical local raw materials or considered as such. They must be known as a product that is typical for the region, produced in the region and have a long-term or historical renown.

The label STREEKPRODUCT.BE is accorded to our most traditional products based on raw goat milk, combined or not with spring onions or herbs. The base, non treated bio milk, is delivered daily by a local farmer. The final product is a goat cheese with a soft flavour, the result of daily processing and curdling at a low temperature. Le Larry goat cheese is prepared according to a typical traditional artisan method, this means we scoop the cheese into moulds. After the draining, the cheeses are salted and dried before they can be packaged. The final result is a soft, creamy cheese.


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Traditional goat cheese