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Deliciously soft and fresh

Le Larry goat cheese is produced in Lochristi in a traditional way since 1981. Unlike French goat cheese, Le Larry’s goat cheese is produced with fresh milk. The fresh milk is processed and curdled at a low temperature at the latest 2 days after the milking. This way the aroma of the raw milk is preserved and the cheese gets no bitter aftertaste.

From goat milk to goat cheese

The milk is provided by 2 goat breeds: White Saanen and Anglo-Nubians. The goats are milked twice a day. To feed these animals only high quality roughage is used. Le Larry buys fresh milk as well as curd. The goat milk is warmed up to 20°C. Subsequently the milk is curdled. This procedure changes the homogenous liquid in a mixture of solid particles (the curd) and a pale yellow liquid (the whey). In order to make the milk curdle, a starter and a rennet are added. After the curdling, which takes about 24 hours, follows the straining. To strain the cheese it is spooned into moulds with small holes. The process of straining takes about 48 hours. During these 48 hours the cheeses are turned twice. At the last turn some salt is added. When the cheeses are strained they are cooled throughout and then packaged. The prepared cheeses are made with curd. The cheese is strained from the whey and pressed. The pressing enhances the coagulation of the curd particles so they result in a homogenous cheese structure. After the pressing, the cheese is placed in a mould suitable for further preparation with ham, bacon, salmon, oil, and herbs or prepared for further refining.

Care for quality

We constantly aim for perfect hygienic conditions and a continuous monitoring of the milk and the cheese. Our production process meets the highest standards of health and environment. We are not tempted to take the easy way: we do not use colorants or preservatives. The incoming milk is processed as quickly as possible. In no more than three days the finished cheeses are delivered. Several times a week we deliver fresh cheeses to our wholesales, who bring them “day fresh” to the stores and thus to you. This way the most fresh products are available on the shelves of the stores and to the customer.

Traditional goat cheese