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The history of the company

In the World of cheese producers Le Larry takes a particular place. We produce goat cheese in a traditional manner, with the same enthusiasm with which we started 25 years ago. Le Larry is the story of Gino and Nadine de Clercq, two creative entrepreneurs originating from East-Flanders in Belgium. Given their background, it is actually no surprise that they would undertake something in the agro-food sector. Gino comes from a family of greenhouse builders in the flower town of Lochristi. He studied at a cooking school. Nadine originates from a family of farmers. In 1981 they started a goat farm in Lochristi "as they wanted to do something that would bring them close to nature". To learn the process of cheese making, they went to France. Initially Gino and Nadine produced a type of quark cheese. Until the moment they met with a specialist in the neighbourhood of Amiens in the North of France. There they discovered how to prepare a fresh cheese "à la louche". Then and there Le Larry cheese was born and in the First few years the product was especially delivered in the region around Lille in the North of France.

Two products originating from the same region: a perfect marriage

In 2003 Meat Company “Vleeswaren Corma” (Ganda Ham) and Le Larry started working together. This collaboration is not coincidental. Corma and Le Larry pursue the same high priorities: natural products, manufactured in a traditional way, without preservatives or colorants. Since 2006 both companies are located on the same site. This has simplified the collaboration between Le Larry and Corma and gives you the opportunity to visit both in one effort.

Traditional goat cheese